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Good Oral Hygiene

A person cannot be considered fit unless having good oral hygiene. It is a necessary condition to remain healthy. Obviously, the oral route leads to the internal environment of the body. The whole internal structure of the body is directly or indirectly gets influenced by the oral health of a person. If the mouth and the teeth are in good condition, the body of a person will definitely be fit and sound. In contrast, unhealthy oral condition cannot challenge for better physical health.

A person’s mouth can be easily converted into bacterial niche if the oral hygiene is being ignored. When one consumes food through the mouth, some of the food particles remain attached within the teeth. Many a times they are seen to get shelter in the hidden places of the teeth line over the jaw. Starch content of these food particles are converted into sugar.

This sugar is a subject of interest for a group of bacteria. Bacteria decompose the sugar for their metabolism and convert it into acid. The acid, as per its tendency leads to the condition of tooth decay. This may become the cause of formation of the cavities in teeth which ultimately results in poor dental health. In this way, a good oral hygiene can be lost and various dental diseases can occur unintentionally. Continue reading

Good Oral Hygiene
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