Dental Reconstruction

Having a decaying tooth is a very bad experience and sometimes it can be limited to a single tooth or a number of teeth for which dental reconstruction can become need of the time. A dentist can make a restorative dentistry plan for treatment that will include the health check, the function and appearance check of the teeth and gums of the patient.

Those who have dental problems like damaged and worn teeth face s a lot of problem as they not only detract from the patient’s mouth but also disturb the alignment of the patient’s teeth. The dentist uses which of the procedures to cure the problem depends upon the damage that the teeth is having.

In the first step there can be a crown which can be put over the affected tooth so that the tooth can be strengthened and reinforced. When there is a gap between the teeth then this gap can be covered with the help of a dental bridge. When dental reconstruction is done then procedures for restorative dentistry is followed in which replacement or repairing of a broken or missing teeth or the bones or the tissues are done. Following are the types of dental reconstruction: Continue reading

Dental Reconstruction
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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers also known as dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers. These are designed to cover the facial surface of our teeth by wafer thin layer or shells of tooth colored materials. It is generally used to correct the uneven alignment of teeth and their spacing discoloration, worn tooth enamel, chips cracks etc.

The best thing about the dental veneers that it eliminates the needs for extensive treatments and also protect the surfaces of damaged teeth with improved appearance of smile. It’s also very durable and enables a beautiful white smile with well aligned and shaped teeth.  If you have several discolored and dull teeth your treatment may include porcelain or composite veneers.

If uneven teeth, genetically abnormal spacing between teeth, enamel (thin but hard translucent substances) covering your teeth or wear and tear of teeth; any one of these is your problem then dental veneer is an effective solution for you.

There are some very attractive advantages also with dental veneers as it provides a natural and genuine appearance for teeth, its not harmful for gum tissues, it offers more esthetic and stronger alternative of crowns for bonding of teeth and also dark teeth could be made to appear whiter depending upon the selection of the porcelain veneer. It also not requires any kind of special care just normal good oral hygiene like brushing and flossing is needed. Continue reading

Dental Veneers
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